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Very Important Life Advices.

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Be kind to yourself. But not too kind. You still have work to do and did you really deserve that snack as a reward for typing exactly three sentences on a page?

Be kind to others. You never know who is secretly a ghost that never really "got" the whole haunting thing but now, thanks to you, has decided to dabble in some light haunting NICE JOB.

Be present in your body. But not too present. You don't want to get stuck inside your head and then start to question whether or not you are real WHO IS TYPING THIS.

Always push yourself. But maybe not always and not too hard, maybe try more of a light nudge, actually rest is very important you seem tired maybe go take a nap.

Live, laugh, love. But not necessarily in that order and DEFINITELY NOT on a throw pillow, actually maybe just never do any of those things in the same sentence ever again, mmkay?

Dance like no one is watching. Except maybe close the blinds first in case someone's watching.

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