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What becomes of all the world's tweets?

[Can I even still call them tweets? I still call the SkyDome the SkyDome even though it is most definitely no longer called the SkyDome... I'ma keep calling them tweets.]

What I am about to say is not news.

I think at this point it's become quite clear that Twitter (sorry, *X*, this so fucking dumb) has been on its way out for some time now, Titanic-style, slowly sinking its way to certain death, while we all look at each other and shrug and continue to "play our instruments" (or "tweet") as it all goes down.

It's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the proverbial shit hit the iceberg, except that nope, it's pretty glaringly obvious, we know exactly when the end began, and it has to do with a baffling new name and mandate and erasure of an entire language and set of emergent behaviours. Still, there are those who would argue its demise began much earlier.

Either way, the point is, we're definitely all pretending the thing's still sort of afloat, when we know very well that we'll soon have to pry Jack's frozen, dead hands off our raft to save ourselves (we are Rose now, FOLLOW ALONG).

All this to say, when tweets do become relics of the past - *checks watch* - AHEM - now that tweets have become relics of the past, I know I will have wanted to preserve some of them (or some of myself, as it were). They were a way to give form to our most important and immediate thoughts. Our hot takes on life, the state of the world, and society at large.

What will become of all the world's tweets once this thing finally implodes for good? Star dust? Fish food? I kinda still want my tweets out there in the world, not disintegrating somewhere at the bottom of the supergross ocean like they're plastic water bottles or straws destroying our reefs.

I'll probably have to start migrating my thoughts elsewhere. We all will.

But we had a good run, Twitter and I. It forced me to focus on each word, each character, really. After all, every word should have a purpose. As a writer I strongly believe this.

And sometimes that purpose is literally just to spout nonsense that I, myself, find funny, directly into the abyss, while hoping that at least one additional person (or underwater sea monster/ocean entity) hears its echo, and maybe also smirks just a teensy bit.

Sure, there are those who would argue that Twitter/X reflected the worst of us, and hastened the demise of civilization.

But I do think that ultimately, we see what we choose to see in the world. For me, I think, it's more that despite our differences, all we really want at the end of the day is to find some common ground. To create connections. To see ourselves in others, and have ourselves, in turn, be seen. Truly, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit sad to say goodbye to the platform in question. It's an excellent resource for very specific advice, impending implosion be damned!

As it turns out, humans are generally quite adept at finding venues for shouting, so in the end, I think we'll be ok. After all, we all care wayyyy too much about listening to our own voices to allow them to be silenced into oblivion.

Thank you for working through this with me.

As a reward, here is an appendix featuring some very important followup notes:

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