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Help what do I write about next? (And other questions for humans.)

Updated: May 25, 2023

Not an AI command. Legitimate question. To myself, but also, to not myself.

Why is it so hard to think of a topic to write about when there is consistently so much information out there, and subsequently, SO MUCH GOING ON IN MY HEAD?

It's not like I'm out of ideas, trust me, they're alllll in there. Hanging out, being all elusive and shit, probably on purpose. Surely some mental offloading would do my brain some good, yet for some reason, all the ideas keep swirling around so quickly and every time I try to grasp at just one, it's already gone. Poof!

Like smoke.

Like a raccoon washing its cotton candy in a puddle before it --

Ugh, it's gone. Was it ever really there? How do I slow my brain down? And, additional follow-up question, WHY does my brain have to show me brief glimpses of ideas before being all, YOINK! and then hiding them away somewhere just beyond my reach??

I mean, RUDE.

Can you see how much superfluous punctuation and ALL CAPS I'm using?? That's how you know I'm a very worked up human. Would ChatGPS or ChatCBD or whatever it's called use this many question marks???

I'm asking for real, though, would it?? I haven't actually used it before so I am genuinely curious. I suspect it would not. And maybe THAT is what separates us from the machines. Overuse of punctuation.

I've solved it. I just solved the Turing test. Everyone go home.

No wait, come back.

I mean, if you don't mind. I have some more questions.

Why do we always have to be giving *commands*?

Why not a humble request?

A gentle query?

Would a machine use this many errant line breaks??

I've always said you can tell so much about a person by how they speak to Alexa or Siri (both of whom are the disembodied voices of WOMEN, by the way). If we want the machines to be kind to us when we invariably let them take over, shouldn't we be... a little more polite?

Shouldn't we be teaching AI things like empathy? Compassion?

Basically the things you would teach a small child by modelling for them the behaviour you want them to pick up?

In my experience, people don't respond well to COMMANDS.

Or at least, in my experience, I don't.

Would a machine's bum be going slightly numb from sitting on a wooden chair for too long?


Just a few stray thoughts, I guess.

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